Current Issue: Poetry Wales Spring 2016 51.3

On Desire


The Spring issue features an entire section devoted to poems and articles on desire. Feel the warmth emulate from this dynamite issue:


Poems on Desire by: 

Chrissy Williams, Megan Watkins, Nicky Arscott, Zhwen Shalai, Jasmine Donahaye, Amy McCauley, Anat Zecharia, Pascal O’Loughlin, Jemma King, Rhys Trimble & Suze de Lee, Carrie Etter

Features on Desire by:

Melissa Lee-Houghton, Kathy Groan, Malika Booker, Tamara Dellurti and an interview with Jemma L King by Keely Laufer.


Jonathan Edwards on Anna Lewis, Nicky Arscott, Maria Apichella & Mario Petrucci; Keely Laufer on Paul Henry & Zed Nelson; Adrian Osbourne on Childe Roland; Eurig Salisbury on Gerallt Lloyd Owen; Emily Hasler on Damian Walford Davies; Steven Hitchins on Iain Sinclair.

And More Poetry by: 

Childe Roland, Wanda O’Connor, Meryl Pugh, Muesser Yenyiay, Ruth Bidgood, James Wilkes, Chris Pusateri, Frances Presley, Maggie Harris, Jorg Bernig, Mark Goodwin, Roy Marshal, Rosalind Hudis, The Night-Time Economy – poems by SJ Fowler & photography by Kate Mercer and Gelynion collaborations by Alys Conran & Robert Sheppard, Rebecca Parfitt & Emily Blewitt and Zoe Skoulding & Eurig Salisbury.

From the Archive: Kathryn Gray on Leslie Norris in Summer 1966.







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