Current Issue: Poetry Wales Summer 2018 54.1

Features: Ritual poetry:  CAConrad, Nisha Ramayya – Translation as Ritual Practice, Lyndon Davies – Walking through walls, Rhys Trimble, Ghazal Mosadeq & Katherine E. Bash, Magorzata Lebda Trans. Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese,Rebecca Tamás.

Reviews: Nicky Arscott on Richard Gwyn, Christie Collins on Jeremy Hooker, Jazmine Linklater on Scott Thurston, Lee Duggen & Julia Rose Lewis, Eurig Salisbury on Matthew Francis.

Poetry: Kate Bingham, Feridun Zaimoglu Trans. Tom Cheesman, Llynne Hjelmgaard, Stephen Knight, Simon Cartwright, Mark Goodwin, Richard Law, Ian Davidson, Patrick Cotter, Maria Apichella, Meirion Jordan, Rhea Seren Phillips, Bijan Elahi Trans. Rebecca Ruth Gould & Kayvan Tahmasebian, Frances Presley, Gram Joel Davies, Zoë Brigley, Mischa Foster Poole, Kittie Alys Belltree, Shen Haobo Trans. Liang Yujing, Rizwan Akhtar.

Cover image: Rhys Trimble

‘But before the ritual we prepare ourselves. We feel the bones in our body which is about to plunge into a river. Or we feel ourselves geared up to read, minds cleared, ready to be filled with language. We ready ourselves to accept the coming chaos. Then for a defined period of time normal rules are upended. Poetry happens. Perhaps we utter names, a mantra or a poem, over and over again until magical something shifts. Perhaps we don masks. Maybe a dance is made or a song sung. Perhaps something is ripped apart in order to be remade. Or we could be joined in union to a person we love. Maybe we whisper words to ghosts, bid the dead goodbye. Perhaps we call attention to the living needs of the world around us and make a live action, a political intervention.’

- Nia Davies, Poetry Wales Editorial, Issue 54.1


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